The Sustainability Management Plan


Operating a boutique eco resort Ortenia – Apartments in Nature is a result of our mission, to promote a sustainable living, as well as sustainable, green tourism in a natural environment, in the heart of the Slovenian thermal area, by sustainable usage of natural resources and engaging and connecting local food and beverage producers, employing local people and assuring our guests as much outdoor sports and leisure activities as possible.


Thereby we want to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy their free time or holidays in a responsible way and at the same time feel the beauty, commodity and warmth of Ortenia - Apartments in Nature.


    1.  Key Areas of Sustainability Management Plan

This is the full Sustainable Management Plan that gives a comprehensive insight into our apartments’ main policy towards a sustainable management of our property covering 4 key areas of the Ortenias services:

  • Environment,

  • Socio-cultural,

  • Quality and

  • Health & Safety.



Ortenia - Apartments in nature are actively involved in conserving resources, reducing pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems & landscapes, and local environmental activities.



Ortenia - Apartments in Nature are involved in corporate social responsibility actions, community development, local employment, fair trade, support local entrepreneurs, respect local communities, implement a policy against commercial exploitation, equitable hiring, employee protection and last but not least, that our business do not jeopardize the provision of basic services, such as water, energy, or sanitation to neighbouring communities.



Ortenia - Apartments in Nature sets quality of services that leads so the satisfactory of our guest as one of the major priorities that is constantly verified and improved as on internal as well as on external level.


Quality sustainable tourist services should benefit our guests, stuff, business partners and other stakeholders.


Health & Safety

Ortenia - Apartments in Nature compile with all established and local health and safety regulations, and ensures that both guest and colleagues are safe and secure in the environment they work and stay..

    1. Implementation of Sustainability Management Plan

The Sustainable Management Plan has been developed by Ortenia team by following the Green Globe Certification Standard. This is a continual process and the Sustainability Management Plan is to be used both internally and externally. Internally, as a guide to the staff’s work at Ortenia and externally for our stakeholders, may they be guests or suppliers, to understand the way the services are provided.

The sustainability Management Plan, including our environmental policy, is communicated both externally and internally through different mediums. Internally, it is accessible to all the staff is available externally to any stakeholders, be it guests, suppliers or press, through the our website and mailings. Furthermore, the sustainability message is communicated to through our mailing system. One example by quote:

  • Think Green. Please, do not print this e-mail unless necessary.

  • Feel Green. Visit Ortenia – apartments in nature.

In addition, the Ortenia team understands that there is always room for improvement in our sustainability efforts.


    1. Legal Compliance

Ortenia apartments are licenced according to Slovenian end EU law and in compliance with all relevant international or local legislation and regulations, including health, safety, labour, and environmental aspects, and insurance policies and other guest and staff protection instruments are up to date and in order.

    1. Employee Training

All new employees are given a thorough introduction to our concept and our commitment to sustainability. In addition, all employees are instructed in the information that we give out to guests regarding our sustainability efforts, in order to be able to answer questions from guests and visitors.

    1. Quality of Services and Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of guests is our full priority and we do our utmost to ensure that the customer has a pleasant and satisfactory stay. We interact with guests to a great degree in that guests have to be let in the door by staff, thereby being greeted personally.


We help our guests by reserving and organising their outside activities. And our big concern is also focused on quality of other services within the destination that our guests use, while they contribute to the total holiday experience of our guests.


We always verify our customer satisfaction through questioners, their conversation fed-backs, and ask them for recommendations, which we take very seriously.


We register any dissatisfaction or complaints. In case of complaints, it is our policy to do whatever it takes to turn the situation around, regardless of whether or not we find the complaint reasonable.


We want all our guests to leave our apartments as satisfied as possible.

    1. Accuracy of Promotional Materials

All communication regarding promotional material at Ortenia apartments is in line with communication strategy, local regulations and cultural norms. Any dissatisfaction from our guests is tracked through the guest feedback forms, questioners and thorough many channels.

    1. Local Zoning, Design and Construction

Ortenia – Apartments in Nature that are stated in a natural environment, under the hill of Podčetrtek castle, in the heart of the Slovenian thermal area are designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction. The carefully considered selection of healthy materials and the principles of operation will turn this location into a discovery of the finer moments in life, and the point where your world comes into contact with the world of nature.

In constructing the apartments we have used natural materials that create healthy living conditions. The visible parts of the building are made of wood, while the insulation material inside the walls is of cellulose fibre, and is fitted with natural sealing materials. The facades, clad in wood, are built using the diffusion-open wall construction, allowing the building to breathe. Humidity in the interior is balanced by clay plaster.

For the innovative sustainable architecture we have been awarded by Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS) – Green Pencil award 2014, as the only project in Slovenia that year.

We have also been exposed in the city of Ljubljana as one of 45 most beautiful wooden houses in the world.

    1. Interpretation

Our official language is Slovene. All employees communicate with each other and with external stuff as well as with suppliers in Slovene language. But for communication with our guests we use also English, Croatian, German, Italian and Russian language. All the manual, catalogues and basic information are written in all those languages.

    1. Communications Strategy

We have our own Communications Strategy that covers all communication channels separately, from direct contact with our guests to web communication, press, social media

We are active on various social media platforms, which we use to raise our brand recognition, and to spread the word about environmental issues that we find important.

We are members of various social and sustainability initiatives and associations such as Slovenia Green

We communicate with our guests and visitors to the hotel and the website in a comprehensive manner.

Our sustainable operations and promotion involve our guests, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.


    1. Community Development

Ortenia apartments represent an active part of local community. We provide seminars about sustainability issues in field of sustainable living and providing sustainable tourist services, for schools, tourist faculties, associations and some smaller groups.

We help local community to organize some local and cultural events and play active in planning and implementing green destination strategy.

We support local sports activities, by sponsoring sport teams.

We produce local guides, and encourage guests to visit the local shops, galleries and restaurants, especially focusing on the green and sustainable options. We communicate extensively with the local inhabitants as well as the local businesses.

Ortenia apartments by renting bikes and walking sticks and exposing local maps encourages our guest to use local infrastructure, walk ways, cycling roads.

    1. Local Employment

Ortenia apartments employ only local staff, leaving within 10 km distance circle. In case of excessive work we hire additional local housekeepers. For providing massages and health and beauty treatment services we hire local experts.

    1. Fair Trade

Our purchasing policy is that we only work with local suppliers who are either organic and/or fair trade.

    1. Local entrepreneurs

Ortenia apartment support local entrepreneurs by buying products or services from them when needed. Most of the fresh food is bought from local farmers and entrepreneurs. We issue vouchers (with special discounts) for dining in 5 local restaurants and to use spa and pool services in neighbouring bigger thermal resort. We constantly promote local. We hire local company for some major maintenance services. We promote local entrepreneurs though small gifts, we give to our guests and by exposing their leaflets and catalogues in the lobby.

    1. Exploitation

Ortenia apartments are in strict compliance to the Slovenian Law and its relations. Hence, appropriate policies are in place against the employment of children, discrimination, sexual harassment, and exploitation.

    1. Equitable Hiring

Ortenia apartments promote diversity and equality and no employees or applicants are discriminated against in any way. All positions are filled on the basis of competence. We respect all local laws and regulations concerning labour laws, and offer conditions and wages an rewords superior to the minimum requirements.

    1. Employee protection

Our salaries and benefits exceed national regulations, and all payments required by law into insurance and holiday funds are made on behalf of all employees. Overtime is paid for hours worked beyond the established work in accordance with Slovenian labour Law.

    1. Basic services

The activities of the business have not impacted or jeopardized resources or services in the local area or neighbouring communities in any negative manner. The activities generate a number of secure jobs and is a positive influence in the community.

    1. Respect Local Culture and Cultural heritage

Ortenia apartments are stated under the hill, beyond the famous castle of Podčetrtek to which every single apartment has a unique view. The castle is well promoted and we constantly encourage our guests to take a recreational walk toward the castle.

With Olimlje Monastery we have an agreement of mutual promotion, we offer our guests 3 types of their natural tees and they expose our promotional leaflets.

We frequently inform our guests about local festivals, and fears of local crafts.

We promote Kozjanski park part of natural heritage and renovated castle of Podrseda as part our cultural heritage.


Our Goal is to work safely and to enforce a maximum safety for our guest at all times. Although we are stated in a safe environment.

We extra ensure our guests for possible injuries or any physical hazards.


Our Colleagues have been trained on basic First Aid & Life Support.

Purchase and operating policy for all mechanisms, equipment and facilities is that they be as environmentally friendly as possible: low emission and consuming minimum energy.

All necessary and mandatory safety requirements for the same are in order.

Within the apartments we constantly verify the water quality. Local agencies frequently visit us to ensure all emergency systems are in order, HACCP audits are conducted to ensure compliance to the Food Safety Management System. New maintenance staff is trained on safety and procedures, and must undergo a mandatory basic food hygiene course (certificated) in food handling.

We organise regular meetings to discuss any area of improvement of safety issues.



In Ortenia apartments, we are taking major steps to increase the awareness between our stuff, guests and other stakeholders and make them behave and act every day while thinking about our environment and its challenges, and how we can be part of the solution.

Our stuff and other stakeholders are taking all the measures to ensure we are using all resources of energy in efficient way, reduce water consumption as well as reducing the waste.

    1. General Highlights


  • Goods are mostly purchased locally.

  • We almost exclusively use local, fair-trade and eco-certified suppliers.

  • Paper napkins are unbleached and made of recycled paper.

  • Beverages are served only in glass bottles.

  • We encourage drinking water from pipe

  • All bathroom products are organic, packaging is sustainable.

  • No guest newspapers are delivered.

  • Towel reuse program in place Linen reuse program in place

  • Printer cartridges are refilled.

  • Paper used for printing is FSC certified

  • All room cleaning is made by environmentally friendly detergents.

  • Property is 100% non-smoking.



  • Black and grey waste water is managed by the town in a non-polluting way

  • Electric Energy is supplied by EC who supply (certified)100% sustainable energy from renewable sources

  • Heating for water and living spaces uses a renewable energy source – heating pump – water pumped out of the 80 metres depth

  • Energy usage is specified and recorded.

  • Only low-energy (led) light bulbs are used throughout the property, and outdoor lighting is controlled by a timer.

  • Motion sensors are established in all hallways.

  • Energy efficient equipment is purchased wherever available, and only used when needed.

  • Waste is selected and sorted in a source (apartment)

  • Organic food waste is delivered to local farmers

  • Hard-to-recycle items are recycled in city´s communal recycling.

  • Thermal windows throughout to ensure minimal loss of heating.

  • Blankets are made of 100% natural fibres, without chemical or other additives.

  • Carpets – products with a special character (100% hand-woven Indian silk and 100% hand-spun Gabben Natur wool

  • Towels and bathrobes made of organic cotton

  • Cosmetics is 100% bio-certified.

  • Native plants or low water plants used in landscaping to minimize water use in outdoor garden.

  • We have planted 25 different autochthonic species of plants on our property

  • No exotic species are introduced to apartment areas.

  • Rainwater is captured for use, and used for watering plants and for flashing the toilets.

  • Property vehicle fleet is bicycles – promoting cycling.

  • Water usage is monitored and specified.

  • All appliances are set at the most efficient level, to save energy, money and appliances.

  • Humidity in the interior is balanced by clay plaster