Code of business and law and ethics

Our values ​​describe who we are and what we represent. We need to properly guide all our decisions, whether we buy bread for breakfast or tidy up the room.
Our values ​​are: We create value for both the company and the community. At Ortenia Apartments, we create value for both the company and the community - because that's right. We take care of guests, employees and people outside the door. Employees are the most important to the experience we offer our guests. Together we will show the world that we care. We are open and honest. We will benefit the community, but we are not perfect. We are ready to meet and discuss what we do well and what we can do better and never promise more than we can achieve.
By employees we mean everyone who has a contract to do the work. This means: company employees, permanent and temporary employees, directors and board members. Managers are particularly responsible for ensuring that their conduct and employee behavior is consistent with the guidelines.
By suppliers we mean everyone who offers us products and services, including those who work for suppliers. If our suppliers do something wrong, it can negatively affect us. And it is positive for us to find new and more sustainable solutions. For this reason, we need to be clear about what we expect from suppliers.
Because we follow a code of conduct, our guests are safe and we manage our apartments properly. They can be sure that the person who cleans the room or works at the reception deserves a fair wage, that we are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact and that their bedding and food is produced sustainably. Our guest code of conduct proves what we stand for.
Our code of conduct explains what ethics really means to us in our role in the community. Our code of conduct proves to the outside world what they can expect from us.
Hotel management affects the environment and the climate. That is why we want to take special responsibility for the environment. We take this responsibility very seriously. This means that we fulfill our legal obligations and also lead to greener development.
Workers 'and suppliers' rights:
Everyone who works for Ortenia Apartments and our suppliers has the right to freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively, the right to a standard salary in accordance with national law and agreements. Working closely with employee and safety representatives, we create a safe and positive work environment.
Human rights:
As a company and through our suppliers, we support and respect international human rights and avoid violating those rights.
Food and Health:
Food affects humans, animals and the environment, both in production and in use. Therefore, we will choose food that is sustainably produced and protects animal welfare. And we offer healthy and sustainable food to our guests.
Corruption and bribery:
Corruption is illegal and harmful to society. All forms of corruption and bribery are unacceptable to us, our suppliers and all those we partner with.