Slovenian designers of decorative items and small objects:

Trays and coasters: Lesna Vesna, Eva Štrukelj

Unique pots: Tri Lukne, Ana Haberman

Decorative fabrics: Sofia Nogard, Mija Curk and Boštjan Mljač

Unique wooden candlesticks: Kreana d.o.o.

Unique decorative items made of fabric: Lenn Alenka Hudale


Slovenian manufacturers of organic accessories:

Modern organic solid wood furniture AMEK Design: Mizarstvo AMEK

Decorative wooden accessories: CIBOS d.o.o., Miha Bogataj

Wooden handicraft products called »suha roba«(»dry goods«), which represent the Slovenian identity of Ribnica: Ribnica Crafts Centre


Sustainable accessories for your well-being:

Blankets: Made of 100% natural fibres (60% cotton and 40% bamboo), without chemical or other additives. Viscose fibres are made of bamboo following the latest ISO standards in the province of Yunnan, China.

Bamboo blanket: Blankets made of bamboo fibre fabric. The latter create a very pleasant sleeping environment. Bamboo fibres have antistatic and antibacterial properties as well as an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture. The blanket will therefore relieve  unpleasant environmental effects and will not make you overheat or sweat.

Bamboo pillow: Its cover is made of bamboo fibre fabric. The latter have antistatic and antibacterial properties as well as an extraordinary ability to regulate moisture. They relieve stressful effects and provide a healthy sleeping environment. Your sleep will be relaxed and peaceful.

Carpets – products with a special character (100% hand-woven Indian silk and 100% hand-spun Gabben Natur wool, produced from the sheep of Iranian farmers and nomads). With their carpets, farmers and nomads tell stories of the rich hisotry of tribal traditions and almost archaic lifestyles. The results are true works of art with unique designing wealth. Tradition is connected to current impressions, events from everyday life and the landscape where they take place. By combining nature and culture, every carpet tells its own story.

Towels and bathrobes made of organic cotton perserve their natural value, structure and quality. They are healthy and eco-friendly. The GOTS certification ensures that the product meets the strict requirements for eco-friendly and socially responsible organic production and processing.

Cosmetics: Vero BioGreen line, 100% bio-certified.