Environmental policy

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY at Ortenia Apartments
We adopted the environmental policy in 2014 with the opening of the Ortenia Apartments. By adopting the policy, management and employees are committed to continually improving and preventing pollution, complying with and meeting the requirements of applicable law, regulations and other requirements. Environmental policy is the basis for setting environmental goals.
With the adoption of environmental policy, we have committed ourselves to responsible behavior, and at the same time, environmental protection has become our main activity, which also adapts and complements in the light of changes.
Management takes care of the high level of professional competence, information and motivation of all employees and is committed to:
providing the necessary activities to contribute directly and indirectly to the continuous improvement of environmental management,
meeting all legal and other environmental requirements,
communication of environmental policy to guests of apartment types,
encouraging guests to rent bicycles and walking poles for free,
inform suppliers and contractors of the procedures that relate to them and require their implementation and care for the environment,
preference given to environmentally responsible service suppliers (e.g. alternative fuel taxis, bicycle rentals, landscaping service, etc.)
providing funding for the implementation of environmental programs.
Indicative objectives:
identify and measure environmental impacts,
raising the ecological awareness of the guests of the apartments upon arrival,
reducing environmental burden.