Just over four decades ago, an estate was founded on the south bank of the Podčetrtek, at an idyllic location near the forest and the stream, at the foot of the castle hill. Out of love for hortensias, the estate transformed over the decades into the Garden of Eden, as passers-by called it.


It was back in 1970 when Franc Jazbinšek, his wife Marija and their three children decided to settle down on the upper left, southern slope of the tiny village of Podčetrtek. In an idyllic setting by woods and a stream, close to the impressive backdrop of Podčetrtek Castle, he wanted to live out the autumn of his life in tranquillity.


Soon after they had the estate finally in order, the young ones flew the nest, leaving the house to grandpa Franc and grandma Marija, who lived in close harmony with nature and their wider surroundings. Franc passed the time fishing in the nearby River Sotla, walking and mushroom picking in the surrounding forests, as well as socialising with the locals, who have always been renowned for their open-hearted and friendly ways. Grandma Marija took to gardening, and put great love into cultivating flowers, ranging from roses and oleanders, which she admired each time she visited the Adriatic coast, to luxuriant, multicoloured hydrangeas that blossomed in her garden.


As the years passed, the fledglings that made nests elsewhere started returning for holidays, and observed the natural environment and marvelled at the beauty of the garden and surroundings.


Gradually grandma Marija took over the management and care of the estate, which in addition to flowers was adorned with a hardy cherry and other fruit trees. And in time, through her love of flowers and especially of the variegated hydrangeas, she transformed it into a Garden of Eden, as local passers-by called it.


Today, when all that remains is wonderful and unforgettable memories and the idyllic and heavenly garden, some of the former fledglings finally decided to come back and share their story with you, and make it something everlasting.


Tranquillity, the freshness of the forest, the murmuring of the stream and the unforgettable view of the village and nearby castle, which had so captivated grandpa Franc four decades ago, and the enchantment of the hydrangeas, nurtured in her heavenly garden by grandma Marija, are the elements that now, together with the elements of eternity – yes, sustainable living could be called that, too – we are offering to anyone wishing to enjoy the natural beauty of Ortenia and to relax amidst the range of facilities and wealth of natural features at this destination as a whole.