5 best method for relaxation in Ortenia

Looking for peace and want to escape from stress? Modern life can catch up to anyone which makes relaxing an essential part of a healthy life. Nature offers various remedies for relaxation and reducing your stress. In this article, we list 5 ways for you to unwind in Ortenia. Forget about the everyday and uplift your spirit with naturally activities that will alleviate your stress and restore your inner peace.

1. Indulging in the Spa Center Ortenia's spa center is a sanctuary of peace, where you can relax and enjoy massages, saunas, and jacuzzis. Experienced therapists are at your disposal, adapting to your individual needs and will help you reduce stress and improve overall well-being. In silent and natural constructions of our eco-apartments, you will feel your spirit calm as you truly connect with nature and forget about all your worries.

Wooden sauna for relaxation with glass walls and doors, illuminated by soft light. In front of the sauna are wooden chairs and candles

2. Cycling and Hiking Spending time actively in nature is one of the best relaxation techniques for calming the mind and body. Ortenia offers an access to e-bikes, allowing guests to explore the picturesque surroundings, including the Kozjansko national park and numerous other cultural landmarks. Cycling and hiking reduces stress but also offers you a chance to reconnect with nature which is one of the most common methods for relaxation.

A cycling and hiking road winding into the horizon. A relaxing ambiance, sunset.

3. Culinary Delights and Herbal Teas In Ortenia, we understand the importance of healthy and locally sourced food. Our offerings include homemade delicacies that emphasize the importance of culture while also caring about your well-being and relaxation. Breakfast in bed, picnics, and herbal teas are part of the everyday experience in Ortenia. Enjoy fresh and natural flavors your peaceful room or in nature,  where serenity will dispel your stress away. 

A monastery monk pouring herbal tea for relaxation into a bag

4. Staying in Natural Apartments Ortenia’s apartments prioritize your comfort and well-being. They are a natural and peaceful haven, built to high-quality standards using primarily natural materials. Each apartment is a space that ensures a sense of peace and quiet which key factors in relaxation and stress reduction. With a focus on sustainability and eco-awareness, Ortenia strives to enhance the sense of peace in every moment of your stay. 

Image of Ortenia apartment in the heart of nature. A monastery is visible on a green hill in the distance.

5. Exploring Cultural and Natural Landmarks Near Ortenia, there are numerous interesting places like observation towers, monasteries, chocolate factories, deer reserves, wineries, and breweries. Visiting these locations will introduce you to the exciting local culture and expose you to natural beauties. Exploring new environments is an excellent way to distract your nervous mind and disconnect from stress while embracing full body relaxation. Break from your usual routine and embark on an adventure that allows you to disconnect and rejuvenate.

A boy feeding a curious deer

All these methods of relaxation at Ortenia offer unique opportunities to eliminate the rigors of everyday life and experience all that Ortenia has to offer; Physical activity in beautiful nature, indulging in culinary specialties, deep relaxation in the spa center, or simply peaceful living in natural apartments. Escape the hustle; learn to live in peace and feel the relaxation emanating from your body. Renew your spirit with carefully designed spaces and activities that will imprint themselves in your memory for a lifetime.

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