Ortenia - a poetry of nature

When summer unfolds its heat and we seek refuge in the nearest shade, Ortenia start to waken. In eco-apartments nestled in Podčetrtek, nature writes its fairy tale. Vivid colors, birdsong, and the echoes of vast mountains inspire even the most cynical guests.

The question arises: where to plan your next summer vacation? Ortenia is the answer. Feel the unique charm of a place where nature and comfort coexist in harmony.

The Beauty of Ortenia

In summer, Ortenia becomes a stunning oasis of peace. The eco-apartments in pristine nature offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle of everyday life. Expansive meadows adorned with colorful floral blanket, babbling brooks, and shimmering peaks will inspire you with a sense of serene tranquility.

Jacuzzi in Ortenia

Ortenia for Everyone

Ortenia offers something for everyone. Nature lovers will enjoy long walks along picturesque paths or cycling through lush forests. Those seeking adrenaline can discover nearby hidden lakes or streams. Ortenia provides a sanctuary for those looking to relax on their vacation, with jacuzzis, soft beds, and large canopies offering the perfect recipe for slowing down.

Culinary Delights

Summer in Ortenia is not complete without local delicacies. Fresh food and fine wines create a gourmet experience that will excite your taste buds. Experience a symphony of flavors in a place that mixes top-notch cuisine with green ambiance.

Ortenia as a Second Home

In Ortenia, you can feel the friendliness. The friendliness of nature. The friendliness of the staff. The friendliness of the local community. Ortenia welcomes you with open arms and warmth. We've ensured that in Ortenia, you feel as good as when you’re home—maybe even a little better.

Summer vacation in Ortenia

Lungs Full of Fresh Air

When was the last time you breathed in truly fresh air? A breath that fills your lungs and fills every cell of your body. In Ortenia, the air will energisee and heal your weary soul.

A Hidden Gem

This summer, discover this hidden gem and experience a vacation you likely won't forget. Feel the heart of nature. Walk the verdant paths. Cool off in the shade of expansive green canopies.

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