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The Tower of Health and Joy

The tower of health and joy at Rudnica stands at the top of the Silavec hill, and a winding staircase takes you to a 35.2 meter high platform. From there… a magical and wide view, which extends far beyond the surrounding hills, into the interior of our beautiful country, in fine weather all the way to Zagreb.

From Ortenia, there are 2 paths leading to the tower, namely a sunny and a shady path through the forest, which enable a recreational and relaxing one-and-a-half to two-hour walk through unspoiled nature.



Once a castle, today a Minorite monastery, next to which stands one of the most beautiful baroque buildings, the Church of the Assumption of Mary. In the monastery there is an old pharmacy with herbal products, prepared and sold to you by the padres.

Chocolate Factory

Chocolate factory and shop Olimje, where they make chocolate by hand, of all possible shapes and flavors. The offer and scents that will fill you with the feeling that you are immersed in a sweet and delicious sea of chocolate.

Jelenov greben

An unforgettable view of a number of fallow and mouflon deer, which move freely on the 8-acre medium. The guesthouse, whose slogan is "Mornings here are different", is located in the embrace of beautiful nature.

National park Kozjansko

The terrain along the Sotla is one of the oldest and most extensive protected areas in Slovenia. The remoteness of the Kozjansko terrain has enabled a unique coexistence of nature and culture, tradition and modernity.

House of wines

Visit and a tour of the wine cellar, the wine house Emino, whose wines are named after the only Slovenian saint, Saint Ema, will mean an unforgettable gastronomic experience for lovers of excellent wines and cuisine.


Homestead Haler Olimje boasts with its own brewery, where light and dark beers are brewed according to a German Old Castle recipe. Natural beer from barley malt, Slovenian hops and brewer's yeast.

Rogaška Slatina

The thermal spring, discovered in 1141, led to the development of Rogaška Slatina into a world-famous health resort. The Tempel mineral water and the Rogaška glassworks eventually became world-renowned.

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Numerous walking and hiking trails in the vicinity of Ortenia allow you to calm your mind and move your body. You can go to Rudnica (686 m), where part of the path leads past the chocolate factory and shop and the monastery or turn onto the promenade to the church of Sv. Ema.


Numerous cycling trails await you near Ortenia. Among the most popular is the route across Rudnica, a slightly more demanding cycling route and intended for those with a little more cycling knowledge. For a little more casual cyclists, we recommend an undemanding route with slight ascents to the monastery and chocolate shop in Olimje.


The nine-hole golf course is located in the lap of unforgettable beauty of intact nature, near the river Sotla. With its versatility, it is suitable for both recreational and more experienced players. Golf course is, in addition to the Natura hotel, Country Salon and the restaurant, owned by the Amon family, who provide natural, with tradition and knowledge prepared food.

Water park

The craziest refreshment at the outdoor swimming pools with many slides and pools for both adults and toddlers.

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