Sustainable Stay

We are offering the first eco-friendly apartments in Slovenia, designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction. The carefully considered selection of healthy materials and the principles of operation will turn this location into a discovery of the finer moments in life, and the point where your world comes into contact with the world of nature.


In constructing the apartments we have used natural materials that create healthy living conditions. The visible parts of the building are made of wood, while the insulation material inside the walls is of cellulose fibre, and is fitted with natural sealing materials. The facades, clad in wood, are built using the diffusion-open wall construction, allowing the building to breathe. Humidity in the interior is balanced by clay plaster.


All installed appliances are in the highest energy class, and energy-saving light bulbs are installed in all buildings. Heating for water and rooms uses a renewable energy source – water pumped from a depth of 80 metres. The water tank collects rainwater from the roof, which is then used to flush sanitary appliances and water outside areas.


The furnishings of the apartments and common areas are of solid, untreated oak and beech wood from a Slovenian manufacturer. All the fabrics used are of natural origin, and towels are made of organic cotton. The rooms are adorned with hand-made decorative items and accessories created by Slovenian designers. Certified organic cosmetics are also available.