Natural sights of Slovenia in Ortenia

Discover Slovenia's natural attractions at the heart of nature, where the luxury of natural beauty merges with sustainable tourism. Ortenia is a place where we respect, protect, and admire nature. As such, Ortenia is not just an excuse for a summer vacation, but a destination and experience that offers you the chance to connect with nature and witness the pristine natural sights of Slovenia. Discover your oasis of peace and indulge in a tranquil summer retreat where you can really sense nature once more.

Natural Sights You Can Not Miss

In Ortenia, enthusiasts will discover countless natural sights that will inspire and amaze. Podčetrtek is known for its picturesque forest, diverse landscape, and idyllic views, along with a castle that adorns the top of the local hill. From Ortenia, you can also visit Kozjansko National Park, Jelenov Greben, or take a short walk to the Sotla River, which flows opposite the village of Jesenice into the Sava river.

Sustainable Tourism in Ortenia

In Ortenia, we take sustainability seriously and are among the leading destinations for sustainable tourism. We actively strive to protect the environment, which is reflected in the construction of our apartments, our working policy, and many certificates we have received for our eco-living efforts. While constructing the apartments, we used clay plasters, our blankets are made from 100% natural fibers, and most of our fabrics are designed with organic materials. Food and dining are mostly local, paper napkins are unbleached and made from recycled paper. We encourage visitors to walk or use designated bicycles to explore the beautiful surroundings. This is just a part of the attention that we have dedicated to sustainability. Every day we strive to improve our sustainable and environmental practices and can proudly say that Ortenia is a place that truly respects our natural resources.

Sustainable tourism in Ortenia

The Complete Experience in Ortenia

Ortenia is more than just accommodation. Wellness offerings, local Slovenian cuisine, massages, walks, and exploring nature are part of the comprehensive experience of your stay at Ortenia. It is the intersection of sustainable tourism, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage, revealing the most beautiful corners of Slovenia. Ortenia is a place of authenticity, where you can fully experience everything the region offers—from modern indulgences to the most beautiful natural sensations. Ortenia offers more than just a chance for a relaxed summer vacation but is also a working example that tourism can develop in harmony with nature. At the end of your visit, you will be inspired and start counting the days until you can return to Ortenia. With its combination of natural sights and commitment to sustainability, it is truly the ideal destination for those seeking peace and the beauty of nature.

Ortenia and the Local Community

In Ortenia, we commit to and respect the local community. We work closely with local producers to deliver an unforgettable experience of authentic culture that you can only feel in this region of Slovenia. Local farmers and craftsmen supply products for Ortenia’s culinary delights, and with this, we strive to strengthen the local economy and encourage sustainable natural development in the region. In Ortenia, you will feel a community that co-creates the beauty of this part of Slovenia.

Commitment to Ecological Construction and Design

Although we have opted for a sustainable construction in Ortenia that preserves the environment, this does not mean that we have sacrificed the aesthetics, appearance, or comfort of our visitors. Using natural materials, wood, and modern architectural approaches, we have created a true oasis amid nature that will fill you with energy and allow you to forget about your everyday worries. We have also not forgotten about the interior of our apartments, where our sustainable philosophy is reflected with ecological paints, recycled furniture, and energy-efficient solutions, ensuring the beauty and functionality of every living space.

Sustainable eco apartments Ortenia

Unforgettable Experience and Lasting Memories

Every visit to Ortenia ends with an enriched feeling and deeper respect for nature. With its idyllic surroundings and sustainable approaches, we aim to imprint unforgettable memories of beautiful views, delicious food, and nature's hospitality on our visitors. We believe that only in this way can we promote sustainable tourism and raise the ecological consciousness of individuals.

Ortenia is the ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful and nature-friendly summer vacation. With its ecological practices, respect of local heritage, and provision of exceptional experiences, Ortenia is not just a place for a holiday; it is a place where humans and nature strive to create a sustainable future together.

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